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Accelerate your business, maximizing value while minimizing risks. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions & support offers unparalleled levels of expertise and experience to fully harness the power of our resources to support your core needs. Our extensive list of solutions will help you focus on potential growth, while allowing your company to reach its full potential.

Accounts Payable

We strive to effectively automate your organization’s processes of document management, transaction management, exception resolution, elimination…

Accounts Receivable

Experience a new growth in your business, by outsourcing your Accounts Receivable demands to us. Get the TCF advantage and stay ahead of your peers!

Accounts Reconciliation

The process of verifying an organization’s financial records and transactions in order to detect discrepancies and to reconcile.


If you do not have the skills, resources or expertise to maintain financial records for your organization, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping services to TCF.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management or cash flow forecasting is a tedious process that requires great dedication and precision of information.


TCF’s Payment Remittance Team’s Primary objective is to service our client’s aged accounts as quickly as possible while maintaining a solid reputation on behalf of our clients.


In today’s economic environment, organizations are forced to manage or perform many different, challenging and time-consuming tasks.

Contact center

Contact Center Solutions are one of the most sought after services in today’s competitive business world. Whether you need to set up a customer support center or market…


Does your business need more? Is the need Transcription, Collections, Live Chat, or other customized Solutions? We are here to bridge the gaps between you and your clients.

Data Capture

Collecting, arranging, formatting, interpreting and storing data in an electronic format. Change physical data into an electronic format and organize and manage data effectively.

Data Extraction

Are you looking for an expert to organize your scattered pool of data into a central repository? Are you looking to extract data from multiple sources and categorize them based…

Data Management

Spiraling volumes of data is a common issue in a growing firm. The delays due to the processing of data can also impact customer satisfaction leading to a loss of…

Data Processing

Data Processing and information systems are a must-have in an organization of any size. Whether you handle large volumes of raw data or are involved with small amounts of…

Database Development

CRM systems, content management systems (CMS), directories, online training, sales tracking, record transactions and e-commerce shopping carts all need databases.

Financial Reporting

Efficiency in financial reporting is important for any organization to gain a competitive advantage. Financial reporting and analysis involves the preparation of different…


Our clients range from individual physicians to hospitals and medical billing companies. Partnering with TCF provides many advantages: shorter turnaround times, quicker…

Inbound Solutions

The Call Firm’s Inbound Contact Center Solutions primarily focus on maximizing business and profits for our clients. TCF Inbound Contact Center Solutions are based on…

Invoice Processing

Is your business (B2B / B2C) unable to achieve high efficiency in invoice processing because of the lack of time or resources? Invoice processing plays a critical role…

Live Chat

Live chat support services can enable you to sell your products/services in a more effective way. The Call Firm is a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions with over 13 years…

Medical Billing

We ensure that all bills are submitted with the correct information. We understand how important it is to enter details correctly so that there are no delays or denials.

Medical Claims Processing

It is a complex and time-consuming process. If claims are not filed correctly or if there is any lapse in maintaining and filing accurate patient data…

Medical Transcription

Our clients range from individual physicians to hospitals and medical billing companies. Partnering with TCF provides many advantages: shorter turnaround times…

Outbound Solutions

We help you connect with your customers with our complete range of outbound Contact Center Solutions. With our domain expertise in Outbound Contact Center…


Outsourcing telemarketing solutions can help your organization augment your existing customer relationships. TCF is a pioneer in outsourcing and we can meet all your…


As organizations become increasingly mobile, dedication of tasks and resources for tracking business activities has become increasingly difficult.