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Live chat support services can enable you to sell your products/services in a more effective way. The Call Firm is a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions with over 13 years…

Does your organization suffer from a lack of sales? Are your customers dissatisfied? If your answer is yes, then outsourcing live chat support services can help your organization. For online selling companies, live chat support is very important as it can improve your customers’ satisfaction and increase your sales. More than 50% of your website visitors can be converted into prospective customers through online support services such as live chat support.

Live chat support services can enable you to sell your products/services in a more effective way.

The Call Firm is a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions with over 13 years of experience in providing high-end call center and customer support services to global customers. Our online chat support services can help your organization see an improvement in customer satisfaction. Outsourcing chat support services to TCF can increase your sales significantly.

Why Outsource Live Chat Support Services?

  • Concentrate on core competencies: Outsourcing online chat support services can enable your organization to concentrate more on your company’s core competencies. You can pay more attention to sales and marketing, while your customers’ queries are answered by professionals on a 24/7 x 365 basis.
  • Get more information about your customers: Your organization can get more information about potential customers and their interests. This critical information can help you to better understand what your customers are looking for.
  • Answer queries immediately: Chat support has more advantages when compared to email support as your customers’ queries are immediately answered and there is no need for follow-ups.

What are the benefits of using live chat support services?

Increase your ROITurn visitors into customers
Generate leads at a cost-effective priceAssist your customers
Cross-sell & up-sell/Reduce cancellationsIncrease registrations
Get access to customers’ email addresses and use it for effective email marketing and lead generation.Provide technical support to customers
Deflect your toll free calls to the chat support team and thereby save on phone bills

Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to “The Call Firm”

At TCF, we provide you with a wide variety of live chat support services such as force chat, pro active chat and visitor initiated chat. Our chat support professionals are trained to provide expert chat support services for customer services, technical support, lead generation, information on products/services, assistance in ordering, queries related to billing, order fulfillment, order verification and other order processing queries amongst others.

We can provide your customers with expert and accurate live chat support services on a 24/7 x 365 basis. Your customers will be able to get immediate answers to their queries with our live chat support services. Our trained professionals can provide your customers with immediate information about your products/services. Our team has been trained to cross-sell and up-sell to customers. We can also provide you with detailed statistics/reports and chat satisfaction surveys.

Outsource chat support services to The Call Firm and benefit from an increase in revenue as more visitors to your website will be converted into prospects. Experience a shorter sales cycle as your customers’ queries would be immediately addressed by our instantaneous live chat support services. Our expert live chat support services can instill trust in your customers and this can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Outsourcing chat support can help you save on time, effort and resources, while seeing an increase in your revenue.

Advantages of Outsourcing Online Chat Support Services to The Call Firm

Experienced, trained and qualified chat support professionalsCost-effective and professional chat support services
Live chat support services on a 24/7 x 365 daysIncrease in revenue, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Chat Support Software Used at The Call Firm

We have trained our chat support team on all the latest chat software. In case you would like us to use different chat software, we can train our team to use the software of your choice. We can also suggest the best chat software to be used based on the volume and type of your business requirements.

Features of The Call Firm’s Live Chat Support Services

Our chat systems are secure and are SSL based. Customers can even leave a message when offline. We have a canned response manager and our chat support executives can chat in multiple languages by using the multiple languages feature. Pages, links images and proactive messages can be sent seamlessly. Our chat systems can also support simultaneous chats with ease.

At The Call Firm, we have a real-time site activity monitor that can monitor a large number of visitors. We can also track browsing history, visitor history, the time spent on a particular page and visitor browser type.