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Data Management

Spiraling volumes of data is a common issue in a growing firm. The delays due to the processing of data can also impact customer satisfaction leading to a loss of…

Spiraling volumes of data is a common issue in a growing firm. The delays due to the processing of data can also impact customer satisfaction leading to a loss of customers, which could have a negative long-term effect on revenues and growth. Plus, the overall data entry costs increase significantly. The handling cost of documents comes to about 6% to 15% of all the revenues of a company. About 85% of all archived documents never leave the filed documents.

Our stringent security procedures
Our centralized, highly controlled computing environment ensures that all data and source documents remain secure, thereby ensuring utmost confidentiality in your transactions.

When files are scanned or electronically converted, a high-resolution digital copy is stored on a hard drive or optical disc. Templates, or electronic index cards, can have information attached to them, such as author, reference number, date created, or key words. Files can still be viewed, printed, shared, and stored. The access to these documents depends on the level of security assigned by the administrator, thus ensuring total confidentiality and security

Benefits of outsourcing Data Management to TCF
We understand that data is the lifeblood of each organization and that accurate and efficient Data Management is critical for executing transactions, decision making and customer support. As a full service outsourcing provider, we realize that there is an increasing need for better quality, offered along with a competitive cost advantage.

By outsourcing your Data Management to TCF, you can greatly reduce the demands placed on your company, doing away with the need for hardware/software installations, technical maintenance and human resource recruitment and training.

Our proprietary software and process of Data Management, experienced data entry operators and proof readers, coupled with stringent QA checks at various stages, gives an output with an accuracy level of 99.995%. We can process jobs on various word processors, publishing software and databases. We specialize in the processing of encyclopedias, books and academic journals in the fields of Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Law, Finance etc. Our data entry services are designed to accommodate the peaks and valleys of your business volume consistently.

We have data keying capacities to an extent of 1 million key strokes per day. This can be increased through vendor partnership.

Our experienced data entry personnel are trained to read and analyze hand-written documents and can retrieve difficult handwriting for customers at an accuracy of 99%.

Our customized software enables to OCR the images. This gives an accuracy of 90% with images that can be OCRed. This helps us to offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times. We can also work in customer specific OCR software if required.

We create a database by coding and indexing documents as per individual specifications. Our skilled staff has a thorough understanding of documentation and comprehensive experience in document coding. We can also review documents, and locate specification requirements, both efficiently and accurately.