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Our Promise

“Our objective is perfection, by being better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today”

Our Culture of Confidentiality

Safeguarding the confidentiality of your information is as serious to us as a heartbeat. We go to great lengths to ensure this is a priority throughout our organization. Our “culture of confidentiality” has four components.

(1) Processes

(2) Technology

(3) Legal Measures

(4) Independent Compliance Audit


Oath of confidentiality: Employees are required to say an oath of confidentiality quarterly, as a reminder of our responsibility.

Password-protected and limited-access accounts: All passwords are kept on record on a secured storage device and can only be accessed by the Chief Confidentiality Officer. Audio files can only be accessed by transcribers to whom they are assigned. Your files will be invisible to anyone outside of the assigned team.

Limited file storage time: Files disappear from our proprietary transcription manager once the project has been finished and sent to the client. No one can access client files without security clearance.

Confidentiality process oversight manager: A Chief Confidentiality Officer is responsible for ensuring company-wide adherence to confidentiality processes and measures.


Secure file deletion: When files are deleted, they are securely purged to remove artifacts and the possibility of recovery.

Abnormality alerts: Exception reports are generated whenever unusual or non-authorized access to files is detected.

Biometric, card-swipe, security door: Entry and exit to and from the transcription room is restricted. Only authorized personnel are allowed inside the transcription room.

Legal Measures

All of our staff is required to sign and email confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements at the start of their employment to legally bind them to protecting the confidentiality of client information. Agreements promise criminal litigation in cases where a violation is intentional or the result of gross negligence. Copies of this confidentiality statement are available on request.

Independent Compliance Audit

An independent accounting firm audits the company’s adherence to confidentiality procedures annually, and provides a report. This is a self-imposed discipline which is designed to keep us on track and reassure our clients that these measures are more than just words.