Our clients range from individual physicians to hospitals and medical billing companies. Partnering with TCF provides many advantages: shorter turnaround times, quicker daily processing and claims submissions, reduced operating costs by at least 40%, and faster reimbursements on receivables.

The administrative tasks involved in running a healthcare practice can rob you of time that you could otherwise invest into patient care. If you are a healthcare provider in the U.S. who is facing increasing operating costs, fewer reimbursements, or complex coding procedures, why not outsource? The Call Firm can provide you with comprehensive healthcare services customized to meet the needs of your practices. Partner with us and be able to devote more time to patient care.

A few healthcare services that you can easily consider outsourcing include Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Claims Processing, Revenue Cycle Management, and Medical Transcription. Processes such as these can put a lot of pressure on your healthcare practice, leaving you with little time to spend on your business and patients. Outsourcing these processes through a secure source can help you build a more successful practice