Data Extraction

Are you looking for an expert to organize your scattered pool of data into a central repository? Are you looking to extract data from multiple sources and categorize them based on a criteria? Are you looking to publish your data into various formats simultaneously? If so, contact TCF today to avail of a comprehensive range of data extraction solutions from the best in the data extraction industry.

Data extraction is a prime requisite for an organization which deals with a large amount of information stored in a complex manner; in different formats and locations. It can also refer to the creation and conversion of data in multiple media formats concurrently. Data extraction is mostly done on customer databases to analyze customer behavior and demographic characteristics of customers. We at TCF have been increasing profit margins for all our clients through our accurate analysis and reporting capabilities.

TCF’s Data Extraction Solutions

Our wide range of data extraction services include:

  • Business information search
  • Management information search
  • Compilation of website lists, email lists and contact information
  • Internet research and reporting
  • Market research for products and prices
  • Educational material search

Why outsource Data Extraction Requirements to TCF?

TCF has been a pioneer in providing DE Solutions to the various big names in the industry. Our DE Solutions are carried out through our database extraction tool which is fast, accurate and highly reliable. This tool is a comprehensive solution to all your content management, publishing and extraction needs.

A talented group of meticulous professionals have always ensured the best quality output and service levels through the history of our organization. We have partnered with leading database vendors and business units to design and implement Data Extraction Solutions in a variety of environments and on different platforms.

We follow a step-step method to accomplish your Data Extraction Solution.

  • In the first step we analyze your business process, database design and infrastructure setup
  • We propose a suitable data extraction model which is favorable both in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance
  • We then test this Data Extraction model for any loopholes through extensive quality testing methods
  • Finally we implement this customized version of our data extraction tool on your database setup and initiate the actual execution of the tool

Benefits of outsourcing Data Extraction to TCF

  • Extraction tool which can be customized to suit your data extraction requirements precisely
  • Highly experienced application developers to customize the application to suit your business needs
  • Stringent quality control processes that ensure best-of-breed call center solutions
  • Superior quality output in the formats of your favorability
  • Extremely petite delivery timeframes
  • Highly customized data extraction packages
  • Cost-effective pricing schemes
  • Very admirable customer support to provide assistance