Data Capture

Data capture refers to the process of collecting, arranging, formatting, interpreting and storing data in an electronic format. Organizations employ data capture services to change physical data into an electronic format and to organize and manage this data effectively.

TCF is an industry leader in outsourcing and has incredible expertise in Data Capture Solutions. Through years of experience and expertise we have proven to be at an elite level in Data Capture Solutions. At TCF, a typical Data Capture Process involves electronic data capture using data scanning techniques like optical character recognition (OCR) and radio frequency identification (RFID); data processing, data analysis and data storage.

“Why TCF for Data Capture Solutions?

Does your organization need an expert to capture data for you? Are you looking to convert your audio, video or handwritten documents into data formats which can be easily interpreted? If you are, choose TCF as your Data Capture outsourcing partner.

TCF specializes in every stem of data capture namely; paper to image conversion, document imaging and data processing solutions. We use state-of-the-art technology to process external data formats like text, image, audio or video into the output formats that you desire. Our conversion techniques pooled with our experienced workforce can support high volume ventures like the following:

  • File conversion
  • Data extraction from the web
  • Forms processing
  • Electronic publication

Data capture techniques at TCF

At TCF, we employ an array of techniques to meet your Data capture requirements flawlessly. Data capture personnel who are the best in the industry accomplish the following techniques:

  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Linear imagers
  • Tally chats
  • Batch keying
  • Magnetic recordings
  • Long-range and short-range scanning
  • Linear imaging
  • RF tagging
  • 2D area imagers
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

How do you benefit with Data Capture Outsourcing with TCF?

  • Minuscule pricing in comparison with the others in the business
  • Infallible confidentiality and security of your priceless data
  • Finest grade of customer service like nowhere else
  • Time-tested and state-of-the-art techniques to capture data
  • Highly skilled professionals to manage the data capture process
  • Exceptional and specific quality output
  • Unparalleled delivery timeframes like no others

Why TCF is the best in Data Capture?

At TCF, the techniques used for Data Capture are pre-tested and quality-approved, effectively providing an absolute degree of accuracy. Over the years, we have developed immensely in the art of Data Capture through a seamless integration with a range of futuristic customers and providing them with quality solutions and catering to their stringent delivery requirements.

TCF takes immense pride in processing Data Capture outsourcing projects for its esteemed clients. The benefits of our Data Capture Solutions:

  • Diminutive delivery timeframes
  • Sophisticated techniques/ Unquestionable confidentiality
  • Incomparable prices