TCF’s Payment Remittance Team’s Primary objective is to service our client’s aged accounts as quickly as possible while maintaining a solid reputation on behalf of our clients to their customers. Our approach to “Collections” incorporates predictive dialing, loop collections and electronic messaging and/or our “Triangle of Success”. This blending ensures maximum coverage of the account from the time of placement until it is returned.

Our Secondary Collection level offer’s clients an additional level of opportunity in managing their receivables model by allowing our clients a check and balance for their primary agencies as well as their in-house collection strategies. TCF minimizes your cost with collection efforts where ever your debtor is located. We will generally attempt to collect through our own in-house efforts. If in-house collections are unsuccessful, the account will be sent to legal counsel/returned to client. The attorney will first attempt to collect amicably (without law suit). If legal action is warranted, you will be advised of the costs required to file a suit. No suit will be filed without your express prior approval.

TCF’s collection program consists of three automated and efficient components:

(1) In-house collection
(2) Attorney-amicable collections
(3) Attorney litigation collections.

TCF implements a strategy that is successful in recovering both low and high balance accounts. We have no problem accepting small balance portfolios. We provide all of our clients with the same processes and effort from our representatives. It is because of that we are able to work accounts with balances $100 or lower as well.


The Following are highlights of the Payment Remittance Solutions we provide:

  • TCF Pre-Collect: TCF Collections is a full service third party collections function. One of the solutions we provide is a pre-collect solution. This solution is designed specifically to meet individual client needs. The purpose of our Pre-Collect Solution is to help our customers roll-back and/or cure their receivable portfolio through providing assistance in their offices, working accounts at a discounted rate, collecting in client’s name, making use of our letter campaigns.
  • TCF Primary Collections: Our approach to “Primary Collections” incorporates predictive dialing, loop collections and electronic messaging and/or our “Triangle of Success”. This blending ensures maximum coverage of the account from the time of placement until it is returned.
  • Secondary Collections: The “Secondary Collections Program” offers clients an additional level of opportunity in managing their receivables model. Additionally, it will give our clients a check and balance for their primary agencies as well as their in-house collection strategies.
  • TCF Purchased Debt Collections: PDC is experienced is assisting Debt Buyers in the management of their portfolios. We are able to send all required notices upon purchase of your paper and handle the account from cradle to grave. Over the last several years debt buyers have purchased our clients delinquencies after primary and/or secondary placements.

TCF Collections Markets Served:

For over 15 years, The Call Firm’s leadership team has implemented robust collection strategies across a wide variety of markets that have consistently produced the type of results our clients have come to expect. Such results don’t happen by accident, but are the product of consistency, competence, and commitment to serving as “The Best in Class”. Whether you’re a local dental office, hospital, or Global/ internationally entity, TCF has the resources, experience, and expertise to devise a customized strategic solution to meet your business’s customer service, receivables management, transcription, or specific office needs to align with your customers and budget.

Bankcard receivables play a major role in TCF’s diversified account portfolio. Our account executives and collection managers closely monitor our collection strategies and team with our clients to ensure their accounts are receiving the right type of concentration needed to maximize liquidation rates.

TCF understands that collecting commercial receivables is not the same as collecting consumer receivables. Handling “Business to Business” accounts requires both experience and specialized collection methods that vary from locating those responsible to identifying assets for possible litigation. In the end maximum recovery stems from dogged persistence and simply not accepting anything less than full payment. You don’t have to accept low recovery rates.

TCF’s phone and mail capabilities were designed specifically with the high volumes of direct marketing clients in mind. A staff of highly trained specialist have been formed to focus solely on portfolios of small to medium balance accounts which tend to be among the most difficult to collect. With decades of experience collecting, creating custom strategies, find out how you too can gain the “TCF Advantage.”

The re-payment of student loans increasingly is becoming a burden for recent graduates given the soft job market for new hires in recent years. TCF is well equipped to work with those who are behind on their payments by helping them make arrangements that are realistic. When payment plans falter, aggressive and timely follow-up is needed to ensure corrective action is taken in a timely manner. TCF’s Educational Collections Program has all you need to strike a balance between maintaining a positive public image and collecting on what is owed.

Economic and regulatory pressures and the ramifications that accompany them are no strangers to healthcare industry professionals. As the number and magnitude of delinquent receivables escalate, decisions on the allocation of budgetary resources become more and more difficult to make. This places a premium on finding a partner who you can count on to maximize the recovery of unpaid receivables. TCF is well equipped to handle all types of hospital, physician group, nursing facility, and emergency medical service (EMS) receivables

Since our vision formulated, TCF’s leadership team has always had a strong presence in the telecommunications arena. During this time we have effectively cultivated strong business relationships with nationwide providers that have fortified our knowledge and expertise in how to find difficult to locate debtors and generate the payments you need. Whether you are a landline, wireless, or internet based provider, there is no challenge too large for TCF tackle.

TCF recognizes that the collection of delinquent water, electric, and gas accounts are a continuing challenge. This situation is even more compounded when account write-offs translate into higher costs for consumers and hinder efforts to maintain a positive reputation with customers and government regulators. Often being successful with a high volume of small balance accounts can make or break your collection strategy. That’s why we have designed a collection approach that gives them the same level of attention as your larger account balances. Our approach has proven successful for clients across the country and has contributed to our reputation for excellence in this area.

TCF Payment Remittance Pricing:

Based on a percentage of recovered funds, our programs are the most economical solution for debt recovery. With no upfront fees and customized programs, your recovery and financial growth is greatly increased. Once an account is placed in our system, an account manager assumes the responsibility of contacting the account to secure payment. Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we have set a new standard for recovery. Our programs include a variety of tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts placed.

Our average fees align with the national fee range from 15% to 50% and are based on 4 factors:

  • Quantity of accounts placed
  • Average dollar amount of accounts placed
  • Age of accounts
  • Type of accounts

On average our clients can expect a commission rate of 15-23%. Advantages: 1. Cost effective and guaranteed 2. No upfront fees or additional costs 3. Location and skip-tracing are included 4. No minimum on dollar amount or quantity of accounts 5. All accounts receive letter, telephone and reporting service 6. Accounts are customized based on your unique requirement and needs 7. A variety of reports are available 8. Placements are accepted in any format and quantity 9. An Account Manager will assist you in establishing a successful program 10. Professional approach, using a model of persistent and flexibility.