Accounts Receivable

Experience a new growth in your business, by outsourcing your Accounts Receivable demands to The Call Firm (TCF). At TCF, we enable you to increase your control on every account, by ensuring that outstanding invoices are followed and extensive reporting takes place. Get the TCF advantage and stay ahead of your peers with our cutting-edge services!

The Call Firm Advantage

  • Customized inbound/outbound account handling programs
  • Professional handling and ongoing monitoring of customer disputes and discrepancies
  • TQM and other quality improvement programs, to ensure continuous improvement
  • Confidentiality of data, which ensures security
  • Accurate handling of data.
  • Quality assurance processes, which improve customer loyalty
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Consolidation of print, mail and electronic deliveries from one source
  • Immediate access to document images, thereby saving time
  • Universal repository for all documentation required for customer service
  • Retrieve documents and data, 24 x7 through a common web browser
  • Minimize delinquencies and bad debt
  • Increase cash flow and salvaged revenues
  • Reduce processing costs by up to 70%
  • Reduce billing support costs and DSO

Our Accounts Receivable Solutions

  • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers
  • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer
  • Applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays
  • Billings preparation (as required by TAD)
  • Record and account for revenue
  • Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • Preparing and delivering periodic statements

At TCF, we use the latest financial software for maximum accuracy. Our customers are assured of complete information security when they outsource to us because of the proactive Data security and Privacy measures we have put in place.
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