Tax Preparation and Processing

With The Call Firm (TCF) Tax-Processing and Tax Preparation outsourcing solutions, your organization need not handle the tax compliance workload anymore. The Call Firm team will function as your personalized tax processing department and handle the cumbersome, yet important task of tax preparation and processing. Get the TCF advantage and benefit from increased profits combined with minimal operating costs!

Outsource VAT Return Requirements:

VAT or Value Added Tax is the tax levied on every exchange and is applicable to all activities involved in the production and provisioning of goods and services. VAT returns normally involve the payment due and post deduction of VAT on purchases from the VAT amount charged on sale. VAT is often a very tedious and monotonous job for enterprises to handle and is best outsourced. If your organization is looking for expert VAT return services, outsource to TCF.

What are advantages of outsourcing VAT Return Requirements to TCF?

Outsourcing VAT returns to TCF can help your company to benefit from expert VAT Return Solutions at a cost-effective price. This process also ensures a quick turnaround time with strict adherence to deadlines, enabling companies to effectively save time. Outsourcing also ensures access to professional and skilled manpower that are proficient in VAT related software. TCF financial experts have the financial acumen to provide accurate VAT Return solutions.

What is the process of filing VAT returns at TCF?

The process for customers to file returns through TCF involves the following steps:

  • Income related documents are sent by our VAT returns customers through a secure FTP
  • The income related documents are then scanned as images
  • Payments, receipts, purchases and sales documents are then processed for the entire VAT period
  • Fuel scale charges are included wherever relevant and necessary. Our team is proficient in standard and cash accounting. We can employ either of them according to your requirements
  • VAT returns for particular schemes are then prepared
  • Finally the updated information is sent across in the requested formats. We can also directly update the information on the financial software if required.

What are some of the VAT Returns software supported by TCF?

The Call Firm (TCF) enlists the services of professionals who are proficient in the usage of VAT related software like Sage, Viztopia, Tally & Pro to name a few of the many. We also provide customized solutions based on software currently adopted by your organization, to ensure seamless filing of VAT returns.

Why outsource VAT return Requirements to TCF?

  • Filing VAT returns is a tedious task that requires specialists and skilled manpower. TCF and its team of skilled professionals bring to the table the required experience and expertise to accomplish this task thereby helping organizations to save on cost, time, money and effort.
  • TCF ensures the fastest turnaround time thereby ensuring the filing of returns within specified deadlines.
  • We have a proficient financial team who has expertise in the usage of SAGE Line 50 alongside other VAT returns software
  • We have a competent and experienced team for management of various explicit VAT schemes specific to different professions
  • We can provide competent VAT return services in the area of VAT calculation