How will my Solutions be handled if I outsource to The Call Firm?

When you partner with TCF you can be assured that the success, goals, and expectation that you have set to accomplished will be met.

  • Pilot of service:

    When you first outsource to us, we will start a trial period that will minimize your outsourcing risks. After the completion of the trial, we will further evaluate solutions performed during the trial and decide if there are additional needs before full roll-out of selected services.

  • Process transition:

    In this phase, we will implement a “Process knowledge transfer methodology” that will ensure the seamless transition of your processes to our organization. Our efficient process transition minimizes the risks in outsourcing.

  • Project management:

    During the process, and for the life of the term with TCF, you will have a single point of contact that will be responsible to communicate to you and manage every phase of your account. Our efficient project management skills have made us a favorite among global companies.

  • Customer relationship:

    When you outsource to TCF you can be assured of the very best in customer relationship management. During the course of our relationship, we will take feedback from you on a regular basis and implement added changes to continue to provide the value we strive for.

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